How to write a personal essay?

The hardest thing for any essay is to get started, and when the topic concerns your events, such as “what advice would you give your younger self essay,” one gets lost. However, the most important thing you should remember is that your life does not have to be full of exceptional unrealistic events, like in the best Hollywood movies. You can write a good text about the most ordinary things. Recall moments from life that taught you a vital lesson, preferably make notes about them, and highlight those ideas that seem to you more appropriate. It is advisable to use situations that created some conflict. Analyze this event, and tell how it affected your life.

Think about the structure of the essay

A personal essay, like most others, consists of three parts, each of which has its characteristics:

  • The introductory part

The introduction should hook the reader from the first seconds of reading. This technique is often called the “hook.” In the first part, you must also form your thesis statement, which serves as a starting point for the turns of events that follow 

  • The central part of the text

This part should contain ideas that would support your thesis statement. These arguments and proofs are your personal experiences and reflections in personal essays. It is highly recommended to make time references to the events described so that the reader can better understand when precisely this or that event took place.

  • Closing Part

Summarizes all of the above and analyzes the situations dealt with in the text. Describe how all the events experienced affected your personality

Experts advise not to start the introduction by explaining directly what your essay is about. Instead, you can attract the reader’s attention with intriguing facts from your life. Don’t be afraid to be too frank, so you can better dip the reader into the abyss of events.

The second important tip is to choose a unique narrative style that reflects you as much as possible. In personal essays, this is especially welcome because this way, your report will be not only informative but also entertaining. Experiment with different stylistic figures and techniques.

Also, an essential feature of a personal essay is that it should be subject to a plot, through which the reader should realize the main idea of the text. For this purpose, create a detailed plan and follow it. That way, you won’t lose the main point and won’t get lost in thought.

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Learn How To Make Studying Fun In College!

The years you spend in college are the most exciting period in your life. But studying isn’t a walk in a park, so sometimes you have to choose between assignments and having fun with friends. And if you select the first variant, it’s almost impossible to concentrate because you think you’re missing another important experience. However, you can make learning a better process. We prepared a few simple tips to help you figure out how to make studying fun. With these recommendations, you’ll start dedicating more time to books and essential tasks rather than procrastination and relaxation.

How Can You Improve our College Grades?

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Tips on How to Have Fun in College

Fulfilling assignments may be a boring process, and it’s so hard to concentrate very often. You start imagining what your friends are doing at the moment, checking Facebook, and chatting with classmates. We’ve all been there! But it’s not the best behavior if you want to get excellent scores. Take a glance at our tips, and you’ll realize that enjoying studying is possible.

1. Find interesting aspects of a topic

It’s more challenging to fulfill an assignment if it’s not interesting. You’ll abstract yourself from a topic all the time and find thousands of reasons explaining why it’s better to do something else. The thing is that no one will fulfill a task for you, so it’s necessary to concentrate on a subject. If you can’t make friends with a topic, try to conduct research and find intriguing aspects about it. Diving into a theme is one of the best ways to make homework fun.

2. Change your mindset

Sometimes you explain the failure in math with words like, “Oh, I’m good at languages and literature. Math isn’t for me.” It’s not the best reason for poor results, and that’s why you should consider the way you look at the world. Change the attitude and try to focus on your growth. Begin to make efforts to improve grades in math, for example. It’s necessary to set goals, and then you’ll notice that this discipline isn’t so dull anymore. Reaching for new achievements is another method on how to make studying more fun.

3. Study with a friend

Once you have to work on a challenging project, studying with friends is an effective way to make the process easier and funnier. But it doesn’t mean that you have to gather together and watch videos on Youtube or discuss how you’ll spend the next vacation. You can divide the spheres of a task and be responsible for different parts of work. Both should be effective. 

Otherwise, your team won’t manage to complete a mission successfully. Of course, there’s a chance to find a person who’s smarter than you, but are you sure that it’s the best method to improve your academic picture? This clever boy or girl will execute all the assignments for both of you, but you won’t learn anything. That’s why you should find someone who’ll share the responsibilities with you.

4. Atmosphere is important

Creating a special atmosphere is an important aspect of how to make studying fun. We all know that it’s hard to concentrate when your noisy roommates interrupt you and don’t let complete the project. Your environment influences the quality of homework – do your best to comfort yourself. Favorite music, cozy café, tea or coffee, silent library, a bench in a park – find your method to relax and focus on a task.

5. Find motivation

Prepare rewards to treat yourself after the fulfillment of a particular task. It’s a sort of motivation that belongs to fun study games for college students who want to ease the learning process. For example, you can eat candy every time you reach for another chapter of a book, or think of a new episode of a favorite serial you’ll watch in the evening. Of course, bigger rewards like pizza or meeting with your friends motivate more – think of what pushes you to do something and how to make your strategy.

Benefit from the Best Ways to Make Studying Fun

College years are challenging years, but you don’t have to give up on education. Now, you know how to find fun ways to study for a test – choose any method that suits you the best. Think out-of-the-box and dive deep into the information behind the topic, change the attitude, or create a comfortable atmosphere to turn the learning process into something exciting

Besides, don’t hesitate to ask your fellow to help with a tough assignment. All in all, it’s always funnier to complete different missions with a partner rather than solely. Our tips won’t only help you get rid of all these dull moments when you had to make yourself do something, but also improve the academic situation.