How to write a personal essay?

The hardest thing for any essay is to get started, and when the topic concerns your events, such as “what advice would you give your younger self essay,” one gets lost. However, the most important thing you should remember is that your life does not have to be full of exceptional unrealistic events, like in the best Hollywood movies. You can write a good text about the most ordinary things. Recall moments from life that taught you a vital lesson, preferably make notes about them, and highlight those ideas that seem to you more appropriate. It is advisable to use situations that created some conflict. Analyze this event, and tell how it affected your life.

Think about the structure of the essay

A personal essay, like most others, consists of three parts, each of which has its characteristics:

  • The introductory part

The introduction should hook the reader from the first seconds of reading. This technique is often called the “hook.” In the first part, you must also form your thesis statement, which serves as a starting point for the turns of events that follow 

  • The central part of the text

This part should contain ideas that would support your thesis statement. These arguments and proofs are your personal experiences and reflections in personal essays. It is highly recommended to make time references to the events described so that the reader can better understand when precisely this or that event took place.

  • Closing Part

Summarizes all of the above and analyzes the situations dealt with in the text. Describe how all the events experienced affected your personality

Experts advise not to start the introduction by explaining directly what your essay is about. Instead, you can attract the reader’s attention with intriguing facts from your life. Don’t be afraid to be too frank, so you can better dip the reader into the abyss of events.

The second important tip is to choose a unique narrative style that reflects you as much as possible. In personal essays, this is especially welcome because this way, your report will be not only informative but also entertaining. Experiment with different stylistic figures and techniques.

Also, an essential feature of a personal essay is that it should be subject to a plot, through which the reader should realize the main idea of the text. For this purpose, create a detailed plan and follow it. That way, you won’t lose the main point and won’t get lost in thought.

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